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Hi there and welcome to our Travel Blog! We are your average Australian family of 3 with one big difference. We are not ready to settle for a less than extraordinary life. As off September 2018 we are setting out on the adventure of a lifetime and will be traveling around Australia in a self converted Mercedes Sprinter Campervan!

This has been a dream of ours for many years and when our tiny human, Flynn, came along and Emma’s online business, iLEADS, took off we thought… why not now!? There is literally nothing stopping us.

We often get asked why we named our Travel Blog 6 Reasons Why and this has honestly been a personal joke in our family for sometime, however, long story short. It all started with the thought process of… If you say you can’t do something rather than just saying “because” if you can give us 6 reasons as to why something can or can’t happen then we will accept it. Otherwise stop making excuses and get off your ass and embrace the unknown!

Its a bit harsh but we have to say, so far we love where it has taken us! So our reasons for taking off around Australia with a 1 year old baby are below… So what are yours?

Love – Family – Time – Freedom – Lifestyle – Money

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